In the beginning, there was The Book.

“There are lots of ways to be superhuman. You can trick others into thinking that unless they do what you tell them, they won’t eat. You can cajole people into doing what you want by making them fear god or the cops, or making them feel guilty or angry. “The best way to be superhuman is to do things that you love with other people who love them, too. The only way to do that is to admit you’re doing it because you love it and if you do more than everyone, you’re still only doing that because that’s what you choose.”
Cory Doctorow, Walkaway

This book can be taken as a blueprint for solidarity economy, powered by open source appropriate technology. It is idealised, of course, in the techno-optimistic sense. But this story is not about technology (as it is usual with GOOD science fiction stories). It is about people and their existential interaction with technology.

And there is nothing wrong with idealisation — the only place where you can actually reach the horizon would be a flat Earth. As The Book says…

“Everyone failed to live up to their own ideals. She wanted to fall short of the best ideals.”
So do I. And you are invited to join.