Walkaway Coop Zagreb

What is it all about?

The idea of cooperative space for makers is nothing new. Under various names: makerlab, makerspace, fablab and many others, it appears and spreads all over the world.

In Zagreb, there is no such place yet. Radiona and Hacklab Medica are the only permanent places, but they are small scale and more focused on high-tech activity.

Hacklab in Mama is out of operation and never was permanent. More like weekly gatherings than a facility.

BicPop (Zelena Akcija) is probably closest to the idea, but highly specialised
and open for the public only on Thursdays.

After less than two months of my stay in Zagreb I felt that there is a place here for a facility that would:

  • Serve as a meeting and cowork space for everyone who wants to do useful things with their hands and minds (with strong bias towards outcome in material form).
  • Gradually become a cooperative community, based on mutual help and common pool resources, managed as a work cooperative.
  • Be focused on socially important activity, empowering local and intentional communities, providing them with technical solutions of real problems.
  • Provide participants with a way to make their living in a friendly, cooperative and self-managed environment.
  • Start a “bubble” of solidarity economy, focused on human needs and equality, instead of profit and wealth concentration.

I started talking to people I met here, and some of them became interested. As I write it now, there are approximately 8 persons who declared some interest in this idea. I hope for more, of course. 🙂

So I decided to open a mailing list (doubling as a web forum) to invite you all — and your friends if you bring them. Let us start co-creating this place and community.

General list of priorities (timeline) is:

  1. Get enough people on board (6-10 people committed on a weekly basis, plus a “cloud” of supporting persons)
  2. Create some minimal “rules of the house” and general program of activity. I will soon write about existing proposals in this respect.
  3. Find a temporary place, where we could meet on the regular basis, keep
    tools and materials and start making things together.
  4. Gradually build minimal necessary “structure” and look for financing,
    always keeping “content” ahead of “form”.

Please put your thoughts and comments below this text.

Also, if you wish to get involved, join the mailing list and fill the poll, so we all know how many people want to participate and in which capacity.

See you there!



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